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Sunrise is a platform with varied and fun games to stimulate the mind
Developed by Mens Sana Interactive
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Game Traffic in the Golden Gate

The excess of intellectual and sensorial stimulation might disrupt concentration. In that case, there is nothing like a fun game to train the mind and improve focus and attention. This is the goal of the mini-game Traffic in the Golden Gate, developed by Mens Sana Interactive and part of the game Sunrise – Active Mind Lifestyle.
The idea of this activity is to train your concentration through a very common game played by children: counting the colorful cars through the streets. That way, the game refers to the situation of several cars on the famous Golden Gate, where the player will have to hit the different colors and directions of the cars similar to the ones that appear in top of screen.
The difficulty level will increase as soon as all cars are found in the colors and positions informed, requiring more concentration and logical reasoning of the player.
The game aims to improve attention, a fundamental requirement in everyday life for high productivity. Stay tuned for more news about the Sunrise Mind game and tips for a healthy mind.

Game Egyptian Blocks


The ability to solve problems is fundamental in life, whether personal or professional, and there are several ways to stimulate or develop that characteristic. One is with the Egyptian Blocks game that stimulates quick thinking and problem-solving power. In the game the player must predict the movement of the blocks and use gravity to place the sphinx on the platform and the beetle out of the scene. When you click on the yellow blocks, objects above will fall. If you succeed in eliminating the beetle, the game goes ahead to a more complex challenge. Otherwise you can try again, but you should be alert because time decreases.

The game Egyptian Blocks is one of the minigames in Sunrise – Active Mind Lifestyle where the goal of the game is to eliminate the beetle by moving the right blocks, to leave only the sphinx on the platform. The player must solve as many challenges as possible in the shortest possible time.

Be quick in your thinking before the time runs out and the sandstorm takes everything far away!

Game Shining Stars


Have you ever heard of short-term memory?

We have all gone through na episode where our memory fails. How many times have you forgotten the name of a person just introduced? Or did you try to memorize a phone number and just forgot when dialing it?

That is because our brain has a limited capacity for rapid storage.

But calm down!

Soon, with the Brilliant Stars game, one of Sunrise’s mini-games, you will stimulate your mind to work better and better.

The idea of the game is to memorize the path of the master star. As you hit the sequence, the master star goes more steps forward, increasing the degree of difficulty, thus exercising your short-term memory. Do you want to know more?

Check the preview and follow our page to stay be up-to-date on the coming news.